Monday, February 14, 2011

Give me Another

Week #9 and a some negotiating with my mind this past week.

For example:

Swim Session

Mind: Can we cut this session short by 400 meters. Your coffee is waiting at the house.

Me: If you do these 4x50 speed sets with a strong effort I will think about it.

Run Session

Mind: Legs are tired. Can you feel it? Do we really have to pick up the pace for the last 15 minutes of our long run?

Me: Keep the pace smooth and maybe we will keep it at this pace for the entire run.

Want to know the outcome on the negotiations?….. Stick with the workout plan. Finish the swim sets in entirety and finish out the run strong. Your legs can handle it!

Still, sometimes the mind games trick the body into doing what it can do before it knows what it is capable of.

Other notable happenings:

· Hubby and I joined my team of girls for a ride on Saturday. Very enjoyable all the way around. Sun felt great and the wind… well you know what we all think of the wind.

· While hubby and I were playing on Saturday afternoon we stopped by the human society. I ALMOST came home with a puppy. It was close!

· Today I am scheduled for a MASSAGE. My legs need it bad!

· Thursday I am scheduled for a bike fit. I bid on a new seat a few months back and won ($35) and with the addition of the tri bars it is more than needed now.

This past weekend was so GREAT... give me another just like it!



Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I have had those mind conversations in the past

- That puppy is soooo cute, how did you not take it home?

Tri-James said...

Just work the plan. That is why you have it so that you can take the thought out of the day to day.

Cute puppy- BUT NOT IN THE PLAN! - lol

Wes said...

stick to the plan. consistency is key. and if you want a puppy, you can have 1, 2, or 3 of mine :-)

Marlene said...

I definitely play mind games like that. Whatever works! Congrats on another week!!

Stuart said...

Set 'em up and Robin will knock 'em down!

Colleen said...

Just found your blog. I did IMLOU last year... well did a lot of it. :(

Great job sticking with the plan. The mind is the hardest part of a tri some days!

Cute puppy... he/she would have come home with us for sure!