Friday, February 18, 2011

A Mix of Everything This Week

Let me first say it was MY idea to stop by the Humane Society last Saturday. After holding this soft, beautiful pup for more then 25 minutes I placed him back in his crate and we left. Then on Monday hubby went and brought Tanner home to us. Who said that Ironman Training and Puppy Training don't mix?! Even as I type this he is sleeping peacefully on my lap. I give it another month and this dog will be far to big to be a lap dog.

On the training front - all was well until I got SICK. No matter how many Emergen-C packets I took nothing could stop the sinus junk that found its way into my head. So with that my 100% streak of training has ended. I could obsess about a missed swim or a long run that will or will not take place. In reality I know that in the scheme of things I am still 100% on track.

Some notable awesomeness from this week - my tri bike fit yesterday made noticeable improvements on the comfort front. Hoping that I can test out the new fit on Sundays long ride. Plenty of time to feel better by than :).



Big Daddy Diesel said...

He is sooooooo cute

I think this week is a bad week for everyone, something has happen to everyone I know includung me

Stuart said...

Home sweet home!

Marlene said...

OH WOW, congrats on your new puppy! Sooooo cute!

Dave said...

nice looking puppy dog...I hear you on the sinus stuff...I had it all week and tried to race yesterday...not sundial ugly.

Colleen said...

What a cutie! :)