Friday, August 19, 2011

9 days to GO.....

Now that I am fully in the taper crazies I do have a few updates:

  • One would think that with the reduced training hours that I would have all of this EXTRA time for blogging but somehow my days are packed more than ever.

  • All of the final big purchases have been made.  I am officially OUT OF MONEY…lol.  (shoes, tires, bike tune up, etc)

  • With every taper I always have the arrival of cold-like-symptoms.  This time is no different.  I am taking care of it!  This part I am use to.  Not freaking out at all.
  • My back is 100% again.  After wrenching it the other week I have been careful to keep it happy.  My massage guy sure knows what he is doing. 
  • Lots of short workout combinations still left for the next week ahead.  I am already sad to see this training cycle come to an end.  It truly has become a part of me.

  • Food – I am still eating plenty of it.  Love this benefit of training for an event of this distance.  The other night Scott fixed a veggie pizza for me but I enjoyed his steak pizza so much more.  YUMMY!!
More post next week on goals for Ironman Louisville, what is already in the plan for next year, and more taper crazy thoughts.



Karen said...

9 days?!?!?! So excited for you! enjoy the taper :)

Matty O said...


Not sure how many times I have told you how jealous I am right now hahaha, I want to be done :)

You are totally ready for this!

Wes said...

9 days? must stock up on beer and popcorn! gonna be a long day for me :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am poor too!!! This sport is soooo flippin expensive

Besides that, all i can think of is PIZZAAAAAAAA now!!!!!

Matthew Smith said...

That pizza looks AMAZING! Yummy! Your shoes and tires look like a sweet investment to spend your final pennys on. I know how you feel. 9 days? You're going to do so well!!!!!

Marlene said...

Love that you are planning next year already!

Good luck with your final taper weeK! EEEEK!

Colleen said...

I'm so excited to follow you! :) Will you let us know your bib number so we can stalk you? (You might have posted it already... I'll look!)

Enjoy the last week!