Saturday, March 1, 2008

Smart Training

I am growing.  With that I mean that I am smarter than I was with training this time last year.

The last mile of the 35 mile trail race began a slight whispering below my left knee.  I could bet it is from all the weird, tight ankles of the course but nonetheless it is still talking to me.  So following the race I did tons of stretching, icing, and rolling my leg with my tiger tail stick (thanks again Bob) but it still it hanging around.  I have kept my runs shorter and incorporated lots of cross training.

Today I decided to skip the 15 mile trail run and biked for 2 hours instead.  This is where I turned on the smarts.  I have 6 more weeks until my next 50k.  This is not an "A" race but one I want to complete with a decent time.  So for the next week I am doing no running but instead tons of cross training.  Am I growing.  

On another note I am still LOVING yoga.  Seriously, I can see more and more benefits of sticking with this.  It has now been 10 or 12 weeks since I first begun.  Next week I am trying a heated yoga class.  Temps will range above 90 degrees in the class allowing all of the toxins to sweat out of you during class.  Why not see what it is about.... right?

As for the AB LAB TEST update:  I have seen NO results.  To be honest I feel that what I was doing was far more effective and I enjoyed it more.  There are a few exercises that I will continue but the others will never be done again following next week.  No holding my breath for those chiseled abs folks.  



See Zanne Run said...

i have one word for you: PLANK. it's all you need to do for the rock hard abs. hold it for two minutes. then do it for 2 minutes on each side. 2 or 3x a day. that's it.

Mendy said...

Zanna has a point. The plank is such a challenge. I do them every now and then.

It's great about this sport (and probably all sports) about how we're all growing. I think your choices are smart, and the cycling will help your running too, so it's added benefit.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Mendy said...

BTW, LOVE the new layout. The brown looks good wit the trail pic.

RunnerGirl said...

Ugh, they're so right about the plank. I hate doing it, but it works!

Dana said...

I needed to read a post like this considering injuries that I'm dealing w/. Thanks. Sorry to hear that the ab lab test bombed but it's good to know that you took something away from it.

I also agree w/ the plank. When I was doing them I was up to 3 mins. Side planks are good to for those obliques.

Marcy said...

OK where is David because he will probably be the only one who finds humor is this question as well, but . . .ok seriously, what if someone farts in there? 90 degrees?!?! You'll be sniffing those toxins back in. OK, that was so wrong, I'll stop LOL

Dang! I was REALLY hoping to see some rock hard abs. I'm all about the easy way out LOL

David said...

Not only that, Marcy, but with the perspiration it will stick to you until you hit the locker room and take a shower! Sweat can be okay, but the scents of other peoples sweaty parts may not always be pleasant.

I'm digging the enthusiasm, Robin! This is going to be a solid year for you.

Mendy said...

Sorry, Zanne. I spelt your name wrong. :-(

J~Mom said...

It's great to see that you are listening to your body!!

I always love getting to the comments after David and Marcy...LOL!!!!

Bob Gentile said...

good job on the smart training...slowly get back into it is smartttttttt..

I took off almost all last week cause of Achilles tendon issue. I am soo being tested this year, been tough getting into a decent groove.

and this 100 is creeping up fast...I SO need to get some consistent trainings (sigh))) oh well it will work out, I am keepin' da faith!

My Life & Running said...

Here's to being a smarter athlete... as hard as it was for me, I walked one of my runs last week. I know I'm nowhere near your level, but I think switching things up when the aches set in is a must!

&& bummer about the no-results abs. I was hoping you had the magic ticket!